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08:55 PM Oct 22, 2012 -4581- Gov’t official & scientists convicted of manslaughter for giving public incomplete, imprecise & contradictory information on quake danger (VIDEO)

Title: Italian scientists convicted for failing to predict quake Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Author: Mary Gearin Date: Oct. 23, 2012

Six scientists and a former government official have been sentenced to six years in jail for multiple manslaughter for giving the wrong advice about an earthquake which struck the Italian city of L’Aquila in 2009, killing over 300 people.

Prosecutors said they did not expect scientists to provide a precise forecast.

But they argued the commission had given incomplete, imprecise and contradictory information on the danger after a meeting on March 31, 2009, a few days before the earthquake.

Instead of highlighting the danger, they said the experts had made statements playing down the threat of a repeat of the earthquakes which wrecked the town in 1349, 1461 and 1703, saying the smaller shocks were a normal geological phenomenon.

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