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Who are the Rotten Eggs in the Deep State? ...Uncle Sam & the Swastika (cont)

The Third Reich & Al Queda today are historical outgrowth of multi-national corporate capitalism & the Fed/City of London interest-rate banking families: The financing & arming of Nazi Germany & Al Queda

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Robert Mueller & the WTC/911 Commission Cover-up, (here)

FTR #1007 Alfa Males, Part 4: 9/11

Underground Reich & the Russia-Gate Psy-Op (here)


Robert Mueller & the Subversion of Operation Green Quest

He is not a prosecutor at all – he is a fixer

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Abstract:  From Iran-Contra related investigations into the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI/ICCI), the criminal career of Manuel Noriega and the bombing of Pan Am 103, to individuals and institutions figuring in the nascent energy ventures of George W. Bush, to the financing of Al-Qaeda, Mueller’s judicial provinces lead directly to the Russia-Gate psy-op, whose elements figure in the mosaic of the 9/11 attacks.

The progression of scandals obfuscated by Mueller include:

1. –BCCI– Dubbed, “The Bank of Crooks and Criminals,” BCCI was used by Oliver North and the Iran-Contra milieu for some of their arms and drug trading operations, in addition to serving as a financial vehicle for the financing of terrorism. Mueller did not pursue the U.S./Reagan administration elements involved in the Bank’s operations.

2. –Manuel Noriega– Another of the players in the Iran-Contra drug dealing, Noriega’s prosecution circumnavigated the Panamanian dictator’s operations on behalf of the U.S. national establishment that originally placed him in power.

3. –The Bombing of Pan Am 103– ...alleged by the insurance investigator’s report to have been executed by Monzer Al-Kassar, the bombing killed a team of military intelligence officers who had come across some of the Iran-Contra players and their dealings with terrorists. Al-Kassar was reported by the DEA to bring 20% of the heroin into the United States. Al-Kassar was used by Oliver North for some of his shipments of weapons to the Contras. 

4. –Operation Green Quest– The investigation into the financing of Al-Qaeda, the inquest produced the raids of 3/20/2002. These raids targeted individuals and institutions overlapping both the Bank Al-Taqwa and the Islamic Free Market Institute of Grover Norquist. The Bank Al-Taqwa held an account with an unlimited line of credit for Al-Qaeda. Incorporated in Liechtenstein, Al-Taqwa was headed by a former Nazi intelligence officer named Youssef Nada. The driving force behind the Bank Al-Taqwa was Francois Genoud, the heir to the political last will and testament and collected literary works of Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels. Talat Othman, the operating director of Norquist’s Islamic Free Market Institute and protege of BCCI kingpin Gaith Pharaon, interceded with then Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill on behalf of the individuals and institutions targeted by the 3/20/2002 raids. O’Neill was fired later that year. The Operation Green Quest investigation went nowhere and then FBI director Robert Mueller did not pursue any of the above leads.

This concatenation is complex and, without research, opaque. For more about Operation Green Quest, the role of Robert Mueller’s FBI in the subversion of Operation Green Quest, see FTR #’s 356, 357, 415, 433, 454, 456, 462, 464, 467, 498, 499, 513, 569, 603.

FTR #356 Mein Jihad Part 4 —(summary) | (expanded in-depth coverage)— 
POSTED BY FTR ⋅ MAY 21, 2002 
“Particular emphasis is on the connection between the Republican Party’s ethnic outreach operations and the Wahhabi / Islamofascist elements behind Al Queda.”


In our next two programs, we will be looking at the Al Taqwa complex and Liechtenstein, where it was incorporated. It was headed by Youssef Nada, whose CV we review for convenience. ” . . . . . . . . But Yussef Nada is even better-known to the Egyptian [intelligence] services, who have evidence of his membership in the armed branch of the fraternity of the Muslim Brothers in the 1940’s. At that time, according to the same sources, he was working for the Abwehr under Admiral Canaris and took part in a plot against King Farouk. Mr. This was not the first time that the path of the Muslim Brothers crossed that of the servants of the Third Reich. . . . ”

We will also be looking at the political environment of the Carl Duisberg Society, which is allied with the Alfa Fellowship, which appears to be something of an MBA program for the Alfa Conglomerate and the Alfa Bank, major focal points of our upcoming inquiry.

The Carl Duisberg Society, which shepherded Atta into the U.S. is now part of the Cultural Vistas organization, which includes the Alfa Fellowship. ” . . . . In the 1920’s, Carl Duisberg, General Director of Bayer AG in Germany, envisioned sending German students to the United States on work-study programs. Duisberg was convinced that international practical training was critical to the growth of German industry. Many of the returning trainees later rose to prominent positions at AEG, Bayer, Bosch, Daimler Benz, and Siemens, bringing with them new methods for mass production, new ideas, and new business practices. [This places them in the heart of Third Reich industry and war production–D.E.] Following World War II, alumni from the first exchanges founded the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (CDG) in 1949 to help engineers, businessmen and farmers gain international work experience necessary for the rebuilding of Germany . . . .”

Of the incorporation of CDS into cultural Vistas and the subsequent development of the organization, we read: ” . . . . The organization was officially incorporated as a nonprofit in 1963. In January 2011, Cultural Vistas was formed after a nonprofit merger between two longstanding exchange organizations: the Association for International Practical Training (AIPT) and CDS International. . . .”

. . . . In 1968, the Carl Duisberg Society was founded in New York City as a non-profit organization designed to rekindle Duisberg’s original exchanges and to facilitate international career training opportunities for Americans and Germans. The name was officially changed to CDS International in 1987 to reflect the organization’s increasingly international nature of its programs beyond Germany to include partners in other European countries, Asia and Latin America. . . .’

It comes as no surprise that, according to the BKA, Mohamed Atta’s associates in South Florida included the children of prominent German industrialists.

For heavy hitters:

FTR #1022 “Edwin” Manafort, the Coming of Fascism to Ukraine and the “Russia-Gate” Psy-Op 

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Abstract: In the wake of the high-profile conviction of former Trump campaign aide Paul Manafort, we present information which greatly fleshes out his dealings with the Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovich and the “Hapsburg Group” of European politicians that were working to tease Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence into the Western orbit.

For purposes of this program, we have nicknamed Manafort “Edwin Manafort,” citing him in the context of the operations of Edwin Wilson, whose exploits we analyzed at length in AFA #4. Far from being the “rogue” criminal he was reported as being, Wilson was actually operating on behalf of elements of the CIA in his terrorist support operations. Shortly before Wilson’s death, a judge supported that conclusion and Wilson was eventually released from prison.

Far from being a “Russian agent,” Paul Manafort is a U.S. spook who was working with a group of European politicians known as the Hapsburg Group, as discussed in FTR #1008.


Nuclear Smuggling Syndicate for the Islamic Nuclear Bomb  —(story, here)— FTR #556 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

by Dave Emory

Abstract: Two years after the United States helped disrupt a notorious nuclear smuggling ring, the Bush administration has hobbled a Swiss effort to prosecute three of the alleged leaders by failing to share critical information, an American nuclear expert and Swiss law enforcement officials said yesterday. Switzerland’s federal prosecutor made at least four separate appeals for U.S. help over the past year, asking for access to documents and other evidence linked to the nuclear black market run by the Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan.

—(“U.S. Silence Impeding Swiss in Nuclear Case Expert Says Calls Have Been Ignored” by Joby Warrick; Washington Post; 5/26/2006; p. A16)—

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FTR #155 Nuclear Weapons & the “Underground Reich” 


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Will the real deep state please stand up? — The Bormann Organization initiated joint nuclear weapons development between Germany, Argentina & South Africa & its promotion of the Condor II missile project, jointly developed by Iraq, Egypt and Argentina

by Dave Emory

Abstract: Paul Manning: Part of the CBS news team that covered World War II (along with the late Edward R. Murrow), Manning authored the landmark title, Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, (Lyle Stuart, 1981), detailing the post-war career of Martin Bormann, Hitler’s most important aide.  Long rumored to have been killed at the end of the war, Bormann escaped to Latin America with all of the liquid wealth of the Third Reich at his disposal. Bormann has used that wealth to finance (literally) an Underground Reich, an institution that wields profound (though largely unrecognized) influence in the contemporary world. 

This broadcast details Paul Manning’s last published work: the Bormann organization’s initiation of joint nuclear weapons development between Germany, Argentina and South Africa and its promotion of the Condor II missile project, jointly developed by Iraq, Egypt and Argentina. (It should be noted that Manning’s second book on the Bormann organization was never published. His son Jerry was murdered at that time, in retribution for his work on the Bormann group, according to Manning’s intelligence contacts.) The joint weapons development was intended to give Germany nuclear and intercontinental missile technology that it was officially forbidden from possessing.

 Shortly after World War II, the discovery of uranium in Argentina spurred the clandestine nuclear development program. At the time, Argentina was ruled by Juan Peron, who was very close to Bormann and the Nazi emigre community in Argentina.

Instigated by the Bormann group, the program was greatly assisted by the Siemens Corporation’s development of two nuclear reactors for Argentina. The Condor II missile project would have given Sadam Hussein a greatly expanded missile capability, had the U.S. not secretly intervened with Argentina to interdict the missile’s progress. Much of the information accessed by Manning came from Leon Grunbaum, a Holocaust survivor and nuclear scientist. Grunbaum was subsequently murdered.


[Webmaster's note: Simultaneously, just before the close of WWII, Allen Dulles hired Reinhardt Gehlen to run the newly formed CIA. Gehlen (b. 1902 d. 1979) was Hitler's chief of Foreign Armies East intelligence on the Nazi Eastern Front against Russia, and charged with destroying Soviet Russia; Gehlen also headed Foreign Armies West. Simultaineously, Nazi Klaus Barbie initiated the Bolivian cocaine trade later used to fund the Contras. Nikolaus Barbie (26 October 1913 – 25 September 1991) was an SS and Gestapo functionary .... while engaged in arms-trade operations in Bolivia, he was appointed to the rank of lieutenant ... Barbie took part in the "cocaine coup" of Luis García Meza Tejada, when the regime forced its way to power in Bolivia in 1980. In the 50s, Otto Skorzeny, in-law of merchant banker Halmar Schacht ('Hitler's banker') after continuing the Nazi fight against the Soviet Union leading the Werewolf terrorist group until 1950, and subsequently setting up intelligence services in Madrid and in South American countries and ran several coup detats. Undoubtedly, Hitler's chain of command remained in effect, with Gehlen reporting to Bormann up thru the 50s, 60s & 70s. Much of this came to light in the political scandals at the end of the Reagan/Bush Adminstration, when the leaders of the Republican's National Heritage Group charged with getting out the ethnic vote in the U.S., were outted in the national press as being the death squad leaders of several eastern European countries. These men were then financed by the deep state and sent back into their home countries to assist the Fed interest-rate bankers with the destabilization of the Soviet Union and war in central Europe in the 1990s and succeeded in acquiring the Baku Oil Fields, that the Fed interest-rate bankers (also known as the U.S. military-industrial community) had been trying to gain possession of since the Russian Revolution. At that time U.S. intelligence relocated the Czarist oil community in Dallas Texas, and it was here that George DeMorhensieldt, another Nazi, sheltered Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Fed interest-rate bankers who supported Lyndon Johnson to run as Vice President, and who then with Kennedy's assassination became president. Also at the time, Walter Dornberger, another Nazi, was brought in to Bell Helicopter, and Mel Gibson's movie, 'We Were Soldiers', details how with VietNam the U.S. Calvary was replaced with helicopters. Along with some other German Nazi rocket scientists, Dornberger was brought to the United States under the auspices of Operation Paperclip, and worked for the United States Air Force for three years, developing guided missiles. From 1950 to 1965 he worked for the Bell Aircraft Corporation where he worked on several projects, rising to the post of Vice-President. He played a major role in the creation of the North American X-15 aircraft and was a key consultant for the Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar project. He also had a role on the creation of ideas and projects, which, in the end, led to the creation of the Space Shuttle.[24][25][26] Dornberger also developed Bell's ASM-A-2, the world's first guided nuclear air-to-surface missile developed for the Strategic Air Command.[27] Dornberger advised Germany on a European space program.[28] During the 1950s he had some attrition with von Braun and was instrumental in recruiting several engineers out of the Huntsville's team for Air Force projects. The most remarkable of them was Krafft Ehricke, who later created the Centaur rocket stage and actively participated in several more Defense projects. Kennedy had appointed Nazi