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While airborne or seaborne, atomized plutonium & hundreds of other radionuclides surround us & other animals carried in rain & water in very fine particles & hot spots with consequences ... making our water, crops, pastures, farm animals & us contaminated with nuclear fallout & prone to Alzheimer's, heart attacks, seizures, breast, prostate, brain, organ, skin & other cancers & leukemia.

Seaborne, plutonium floats in the same currents alongside whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals & other sea mammals & salmon, tuna, squid, sharks, migrate in ...the 'scientific establishment’ continues to blame the bleeding lesions, tumors, bleeding eyes & rotting flesh, mutations & near-extinction-levels & death of sea species, on what hiding behind a stupid grin they call, new and mysterious diseases, caused by global warming

...today, if these cowards and nuclear apologists & sell-outs comprising the entire U.S. Congress had any heart to counterbalance their 'scientific method', they could intuit & feel & educate themselves & r ead the studies from Chernobyl scientists that proves ionizing radiation fallout mutates viruses & bacteria to form new & mysterious forms never before seen ...& to form new & mysterious diseases never seen before, as well.