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Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

Nuclear Girls Earth Oceans Animals Pets People Birds Dying 

 ...blame Soros Gates Antifa CV-19 de Blasio, Kate Brown, Jay Inslee, Gavin Newsom, Pelosi, Feinstein, Bechtel*,  Fed/City of London, Skull & Bones,  Sovereign Knights of Malta, JPMorganChase*, Biden, Trump

[*Disclaimer: The international interlocking directors of Fed/City of London that own Bechtel -- that is, Shroder central bankers -- (primarily electrical & nuclear power infrastructures) are at war with the international interlocking directors of Fed/City of London that direct JPMorganChase (primarily oil & related infrastructures) ...& we are their unwilling victims.

[This inner-directorate war implies that the U.S. West Coast, being run by nuclear & electrical power-based Bechtel who want to eliminate combustion engines (who position & dictate to Pelosi, Feinstein, Newsom, Kamala Harris, formerly Reagan) is at war with Skull & Bones (primarily oil based & pro-combustion engines).

[Sovereign Knights of Malta have directed & waged the wars of the West for 900 years to ensure the power of German Warlord Holy Roman Empire (which excludes Rome) ...their membership currently includes all the heads of intelligence of the countries of the West. Who do you think is calling the shots?

[The Knights are the body guards of the Vatican & its fleshly wealth & worldly dominion ...the first Pope was made in the year 30 & Popes have been controlling the mindset and public mind of most of the Western world for 2,000 years ...who do you think is calling the shots? ...you?]

Do you realize Democrat states are following: (1) the UN Replacement Migration Plan to flood the U.S. & Europe with hundreds of millions of migrant refugees because they claim White population levels are dropping & three migrants working for each citizen would provide each citizen pension funds ...and, (2) Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030?

...which is the opposite plan designed to depopulate Earth 90% in order to save the Earth from climate change?

...forbiding country living, mandating city living, removing cars that burn gasoline & the middle class ... plus ... following the Soros plan to remove police & democracy & Judaic-Christian culture & morality?

...because it's offensive to pagans, homosexuals & transgenders ...(see-1p)

...with removal of democracy you remove freedom ...did you ask displaced refugees from mid-Eastern, Muslim, African & Eastern European countries why they fled socialist & communist dictatorship regimes with corrupt politicians, police & military ? ...was it to come to democracy with freedom insured by rule of law & a land of opportunity?

...do you think our politicians are largely corrupt? ...does our entire Congress only help the rich & fail to help us?

...how did Obama enter office with no money & leave office with $400,000,000?

...gee, are your pockets empty? ...can you afford dental ? ...is dental in any new health care plan?

Why did Hillary fund the fake Steele dossier to stoke the flames of a coup d'etat against Trump? ...for whom?

...what happened to the $400,000,000,000 billion dollars that was raised to help Haiti that Bill Clinton & George Herbert Walker Bush were in charge of handling?

Who was Herbert Walker? ...(see, 1o)  ...George H.W. Bush's maternal grandfather ...who made his fortune slave trading; did I say slave trading? ...while his business partners, Brown Brothers, Harriman founded Ruskombank in 1919 to fund communism & nazism out of NYC

...gee, do you still wonder who the deep state, is?

Do you think the defund the police insurgents have shown the world the United States is weak ? 

...& the CIA/mockingbird/media has portrayed the insurgents as peaceful? ...& now that the deep state has aerosolized CV-19 to infect the president & his wife (the same way they put heart attack & cancer agents into spray cans in the 1960s) ...the United States is globally perceived as weak ?

...covert global war is giving birth to overt global war, (vid, tbd below):


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