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an Art Education classroom destination for caregivers to take senior clients to
Aging thru Art

Over twenty years, as caregivers charting activities of daily living (ADL's) we have observed improved cognitive functioning, such as memory enhancement, in seniors involving them in visual art programs taught by health caregivers who are also creative types* and also special education teachers.

Aging Thru Art is a classroom destination for caregivers to take senior clients for art education in our studio or your home -- to maintain, increase or enhance cognitive functioning in seniors, and seniors with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early-to-mid-stage Alzheimer's Disease (AD).

*Art Education refers to John Gardner's work on multiple intelligences (located in different cognitive brain sectors), in order to individualize interactions with clients or participants based on their cognitive strengths different people have different cognitive strengths; and, John Dewey's work on cognitive transformation and integration of the individual into democracy thru the practice of art.

*Creative types refers to, for example: visual artists, dancers, jazz singers, storytellers, actors,  photographers, writers.

-1- Aging Thru Art Program for Mom, Dad & their Caregivers

FOR CAREGIVER REFERRAL REGISTRIES If you're a bonded and licensed registry, then it's very likely you already know, have qualified and bonded, and worked with several of the caregivers who are also artists and performing artists, who work with us. Many have already met your high standards, and you can feel comfortable referring your clients, and other caregivers to our staff and programs ... because you know us, and how professional we are. Can you refer your clients to us? ...for an additional hourly commission? more

FOR CAREGIVERS Your clients are often homebound, and while you can take them out to eat, shop or go to a museum ...have you noticed there is no place in metropolitan Portland where you can take them for individualized creative and entertaining activities that is staffed by caregivers such as yourself, who are also artists and performing artists, to stimulate and entertain your clients and let you take the passenger seat for a while? more

 FOR MOM AND DAD Want Mom and Dad to benefit from our cognitive arts programs? ...know that scientific studies using similar cognitive art intervention programs as ours have been proven to encourage brain wellness and natural neural regeneration, providing a viable and natural means to enhance cognitive functioning in seniors and elders diagnosed with MCI and mild-to-moderate stages of Alzheimer's Disease? more

FOR YOU Feel your own cognition slipping? ...would you like to be creatively and intellectually stimulated, and be around others who feel that way, too? ...would you consider enrolling yourself in one of our programs.

-2- MCI/Alzheimer's Disease 12-Step Cognitive Arts Program

FOR RETIREMENT HOMES, MCI/AD ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES Do you have high standards to maintain to attract demanding clients? Would those clients be pleased to participate in activites designed to maintain and enhance their cognitive abilities? ...and, to have more low cost local talent performing artists to entertain them? (Also see, 'Mom and Dad', above.)

-3- A Cognitive Stimulation Program for Storytellers to Come To County Licensed Adult Care Homes

FOR ADULT HOME CARE PROVIDERS Want to reduce stress and conflict and have a more harmonious home environment? ...give your clients a sense of self-empowerment, purpose and worth? ... provide your clients cognitive stimulation and social engagement to enhance their world? (and their standing in that world) ...remind clients of their strengths that were once useful? ... combat client feelings of isolation and resignation, and provide companionship? ...and, do you have problem clients, whose only sense of power comes from engaging in conflict? ...if so, why not engage them in stimulating cognitive activities that will occupy them and make them happy, instead? more

-4- What is Cognitive Arts?

Cognitive Arts is a term we coined to describe a scientific field first researched and established in the 1950's and research continues, today. 

There have been many scientific studies documenting that cognition can often improve naturally in seniors and elders when their cognitive brain centers become stimulated with creative activities such as art, learning, education, movement, and activities that use hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing, and thinking.

That cognitive maintenance and improvement process is called, cognitive neuroplasticity, describing how your brain rewires itself while learning new tasks, in order to understand, and accomplish new tasks, and naturally improve with practice.

Additionally, there are many successful creative aging programs in use nationally and internationally catching the public's eye as we age. However, our programs focus on maintaining cognitive stability and increasing neuroplasticity.

-5- Terms & Rates


Aging thru art, Cognitive Art Sessions, Art Classes and Performing Art performances

Private Retirement Home or Assisted Living Facility arrangement.

Sessions in our art studio or in a centralized classroom to three-to-six clients per instructor in a 40 minute session, priced at $10-to-$20 per client per session total $60/per session per instructor.

Private individual sessions at your home contractual agreement are limited to guided individual sessions with 1 instructor ...45-to-90 minutes a day on a one-time basis, or three-to-five times a week ...for 12-to-24 week sessions with fees in some cases adjusted to ability to pay. Program enrollment is limited. Schedule a low cost evaluation session for your mom or dad.

County Licensed Adult Care Homes ...$60/per 40-minute session.



(l) Anglica, mixed media on canvas, 16 x 22 x 1.25", by Anne Marie Grgich, 2012; (m) Scarlett and the Bleeding Hearts, mixed media on canvas, 14 x 17 x 1", by Anne Marie Grgich, 201; (r) untitled, date unknown, by Anne Marie Grgich >click pics to enlarge


(above) Shakti, etching, 12" x 14", by Linnea Bowman, 1990 >click pic to enlarge


 untitled, etching, 11" x 14", by Linnea Bowman, 1990 >click pic again to enlarge


(above) detail of Dancing Starburst Shrine shown below, mixed media, 20" x 20", by Linnea Bowman, 1998 >click pics

(above) untitled, experimental mythological figure, clay sculpture, 5" x 10", by Linnea Bowman, 2005>click pics

(l) Shakti, etching, 12" x 14", by Linnea Bowman, 1990 >click pics; (m) untitled, mixed media drawing, 11" x 14", by Linnea Bowman, 1991; (r) Inanna & The Big Bang Theory, mixed media drawing, by Linnea Bowman, 1993; from the Northwest Women's Artists Art Exhibition at Portland State University
 (l) Menopausal Cat Goddess, clay sculpture, 17" x 15", by Linnea Bowman, 2008; >click pic; (r) Catrina, in memory of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, clay sculpture, 20" x 15", by Linnea Bowman, 2008 (chewed to bits by Linnea's cat, Inanna; >click pic 


(l-r, 1-5) wearable art, by Linnea Bowman >click pics; (l-r, 6-7) Kali, mixed media mini-sculptural piece, 5" x 6", 1997; (detail to right) >click pics

(above) original fashion illustrations on paper with dye numbers, 5" x10", by Linnea Bowman
Linnea's silks have been sold in stores in New York, San Franciskco, Paris and Cannon Beach.
(above) Haute Coutoure two-piece silk ensemble including jacket and dinner gown, designed by Linnea Bowmnan; photos courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, 1980 

(above) untitled, five selections from 120 pieces of the artist's collection, canvas and mixed media, 12" x 16", by Bill Bowman, 1960-2015 -- Bill is Linnea's father and preserving his art is one reason she co-founded Art In Portland. >click pics to enlarge

(below left, taller work) Portrait of Linnea, wood totem portrait selected from the family collection, 14" x 57", by Bill Bowman, 1967; (below, shorter work) Portrait of Linnea's friend, Licea, done together by father and daughter, 13" x 44". (r) Family Portrait, wood construction with multi-media, 60" x 50", by Bill Bowman, 1965



Bill Bowman, (Linnea's father) is an abstract-expressionist artist. His work has been exhibited at the DeYoung Art Museum in San Francisco, California during the 1960's. While a professor of art at Stanford University, he was friends with Diebencorn, Stella, Olivera, Boyle and others. Bill did light shows nightly at the Fillmore Ballroom in San Francisco during the sixties. Bill designed and implemented the graphic interface and display for the original Apple Computer. He is 84 and his lived in Portland the last 24 years. Preserving her father's art is one reason Linnea co-founded Art In Portland.

Art & Photos Copyright 1980-2016 to each respective artist

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