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These researchers and activists are national and global heros

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The researchers above I've found making their voices heard on our behalf thru the social media on a continuing basis: rendering a considerable service to mankind by spreading authoritative information and by creating an awareness of the catastrophic consequences of nuclear reactors in normal day-to-day operations and catastrophic situations

NukePro and Radchick are brilliant investigative reporters who reach us out of sheer love and determination, their work is a national treasure. Dana's work is more like a kick in the ___. The work of Fairewinds is perhaps singularly the most brave, informed and determined advocacy on our behalf, imaginable. We owe these researchers a standing round of applause for their sincerity and valor against all odds. And, include enenews.com among them.

> Christina Consolo (Radchick) FAQ - Effect of airborne Fukushima radiation inside private-, commercial- and military planes  pdf HERE  MS word HERE

> NukePro (Stock) - Secretary of State Clinton ...released emails clearly show the Obama Administration knew the danger of Fukushima fallout and didn't tell us  

> NukePro (Stock) - Fukushima radioactive fallout detected in Alaska, Tibet, EU, Lithuania and Norway - Toxicity of plutonium proved via scientific animal studies, toxic, deadly radiation from Fukushima went all around the worldhere

> NukePro (Stock) - Friday, January 24, 2014 - Fukushima was a nuclear explosion, here is the proof

> Maps of all nuclear waste garbage dumps, maps of all nuclear reactors, no nuclear waste solutions, radioactive nuclear waste dump in India causes deformities, disease - here

> Fairewinds - Fairewinds Comments on the EPA’s Proposed Changes to the Protective Action Guidelines: [Editor's note: These Fairewinds' comments are the equivalent of a Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, and are a must-read for everyone who wants their children and grandchildren to survive or seeks legal remedy against the EPA, NRC and AEIA for violating their own rules, regulations, statutes and mandates to protect us. Excerpted from the comments: "The EPA is proposing that levels of 500 millirem per year are acceptable in radioactively contaminated water for general public consumption and an increase to 100 millirem per year of exposure levels to pregnant women and young children. These levels far exceed EPA’s acceptable risk range for cancer-causing radiation exposure levels. Let me simplify this for you and for readers of Fairewinds’ comments.  If implemented, this proposed change in radiation guidelines greatly increase radiation exposure to people to a totally unacceptable radiation risk level.  At the same time, the changes will reduce radiation disaster cleanup costs to corporations and transfer that horrific risk and cost of cleanup to states, cities, towns, and villages that will already be suffering astronomical losses.