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NEW YORK – (Business Wire) E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP ( The world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile, Weather Central’s highly accurate and personalized forecasting offers businesses and consumers a truly unique suite of science-driven weather information products. The company will continue to operate under CEO and founder, as well as current management. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. CEO of E.L. Rothschild LLC, commented on the acquisition, saying: “Weather Central is a world-class company that is number one in its category, with a history of success, a talented team, and a very bright future. Their products, which are the world’s most precise for broadcast, online and mobile forecasting, allow companies and individuals unparalleled insights. Whether designed for an insurance company wanting to alert its customers of an impending hailstorm, a hedge fund trying to monitor agricultural commodities, or a consumer planning a vacation, no one has better information than Weather Central. At E.L. Rothschild, we will use our resources, business experience, and industry insights to build upon Weather Central’s current success, and to develop the company’s escalating international profile in markets like Latin America and India. We will also be focused on enhancing Weather Central’s position as a digital leader in the consumer space.”


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No news about the two nuclear reactors flooded in Texas? ...or radioactive fish in the Pacific Basin?

Why do mainstream networks owned by central banks not report residual and new nuclear fallout, failing nuclear reactors and failing nuclear dumps? 


The buck stops where? Who owns whom?

(Who to sue in the people's court for mammals, Gaia & Divine Order to be made whole, again)

Westinghouse is owned by Toshiba in Japan -- General Electric is owned by Hitachi in Japan

General Electric is a parent company of through GE’s 49 percent stake in NBC-Universal

NBC-Universal and Microsoft are equal partners in

>>[Editor's note: To see who else owns General Electric, see Charts 3 & 5. You can use the search engine to see who owns the oil companies and fracking. {pdf file (for cell phones), HERE}. MS Word file with search engine, HERE.]<<

09:26 PM Dec 30, 2013 | 69  -6868- Former MSNBC host told not to warn people about Fukushima meltdowns: The official gov’t position is it’s safe - explain that to people who served on USS Ronald Reagan (VIDEO)

Since 2003, executives and employees of Exelon, based in Illinois, contributed $227,000 to Mr. Obama’s campaigns for United States Senate and president. Two top Exelon officials, Frank M. Clark, exec vice president, and John W. Rogers Jr., dir., are among his largest fundraisers.[1] The incredulity of Exelon - The incredulity of Exelon was demonstrated again when the board of directors waited four years to announce there had been many secreted leaks at its Braidwood facility: Exelon and Illinois state officials waited for four years until 2006 before disclosing that Exelon’s Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station, a nuclear plant 60 miles southeast of Chicago, spilled millions of gallons of water containing tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen, multiple times over a decade. Exelon officials eventually apologized. And, said the risks from the leak were ‘minimal’, with tritium levels in surrounding wells all found to be below regulatory limits.[2] [1]-Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate, New York Times, Feb. 3, 2008 [2]-Chicago Tribune via Wikipedia 12:43 PM Nov 29, 2011 | 64  -1879- 2008: Obama chief political strategist David Axelrod worked for Exelon, largest nuclear plant owner in U.S. - NEI chairman is Obama donor

Westinghouse (Toshiba) building new nuclear plants in China - Westinghouse is building all the new nuclear plants in China; they’re touting and marketing their nuclear products all over the world. And, Japan is too. Westinghouse is owned by Toshiba and they’re in Japan and General Electric is owned by Hitachi. In the midst of nuclear slaughter in Japan and the Pacific Ocean, Japan keeps selling nuclear plants and services globally …just like the United States.

10:28 PM Jul 22, 2012 | 18  -3859- Former GE Nuclear Inspector: They made us wear lead vests to falsify radiation exposure when in Taiwan - All the lead did was cover our dosimeters. (VIDEO) 07:14 PM Oct 3, 2011 | 49  -1462- GE Hitachi: 35 U.S. reactors could fail during quake - Problem with control rods.

 Review of the literature - February 02, 2017 - Abstract: <>Nuclear power can be shut down by enforcing regulations we have. But, the five NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) commissioners are political appointees vetted by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), a pro-nuclear lobby. [Editor's note: They sold out. They say nuclear power is safe and clean.]

<>Trump wants to build, buy and sell, ‘American’. But, nuclear power plants are now made in China, South Korea, and Japan in modular sections, then shipped to and assembled in other countries. The logo of an American company on a nuclear reactor does not mean American jobs are being created: Westinghouse is owned by Toshiba; General Electric is owned by Hitachi; Toshiba and Hitachi are Japanese companies, in Japan.

<>We are not at all energy independent if we have nuclear power; ‘American’ uranium mines are owned by Russian companies; 20 percent of uranium running American nuclear power facilities comes from America,[2] 80 percent comes from Russia, Australia and Canada.

 Review of the literature - December 7, 2016 - Abstract: It’s a nuclear consortia. American names are General Electric (GE) and Westinghouse. GE is owned by Hitachi, and Westinghouse by Toshiba (two Japanese firms).

> When they come to Congress they look like American companies …but the components are made in Japan, South Korea & China.
> You hear it’s expensive but good for American jobs, that’s not true.
> All that work is going to Japan, Korea and China.
> What are they? …international consortia lining up for trillions of dollars in handouts from Congress.

Rick Perry U.S. Department of Energy ...backers want to build a waste dump in Texas

 Review of the literature - June 14, 2017 - Abstract: “Energy Secretary Rick Perry is cooking up a case to stifle further federal support of renewable wind and solar energy. He ordered a dubiously sourced staff study that is aimed to paint renewables as an unreliable source for the nation’s electric grid. The study, due June 23, seeks to determine if federal tax and subsidy policies favoring renewable energy have burdened ‘baseload’ coal-fired generation, putting power grid reliability at risk. It is spearheaded by Energy Department political appointee Travis Fisher, associated with a Washington policy group that opposes government aid for renewable energy. Fisher wrote a 2015 report for Institute for Energy Research that called clean energy policies ‘the single greatest emerging threat to the nation’s electric power grid, and a greater threat to electric reliability than cyber-attacks, terrorism or extreme weather. A letter from Advanced Energy Economy, American Wind Energy Association and Solar Energy Industries Association disputes the Administration’s premise: ‘Policies supporting deployment of these technologies do not play an important role in decline of coal and nuclear plants. Studies demonstrate low natural gas prices and stagnant load growth are the factors behind retirements in coal and nuclear plants.’”

 Review of the literature - Exhibit No. 3 - 01:43 AM Dec 16, 2013 | 133  -6812- CNN, Huffington Post listed as ‘external stakeholders’ in NRC -outlets to help NRC increase online influence - CNN produces pro-nuclear infomercial

[1] this reference intentionally omitted [2] [Editor’s note: Is that what Hillary sold to Russia?] - [3] this reference intentionally omitted

(Editor's note: the following chapter {22} is excerpted from, The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and you don't even know. And, here is the paragraph that ends the previous chapter (Hillary caught poisoning U.S. food supply), and introduces, Hillary does Japan -- 01:17 PM Nov 3, 2014 | 143  -8485- Food products heavily contaminated by Fukushima found in U.S.; Over 30,000 pCi/kg of cesium, also had Cobalt-60 and Antimony-124; FDA: We found no Fukushima contamination in U.S. food supply during routine monitoring]

Hillary does Japan

Stationed in Japan with explicit nuclear directives to impose from the Obama Administration, Secretary Clinton was briefed by email from Cheryl Mills it was too scary to go outside or to a movie, or to dinner. “…This stuff is lethal.”{[1] See Chapter 21.} She went over her to-do list: Follow Kissinger’s directive to tell the Japanese government to abandon their plans to be nuclear free by 2030 or it would displease the Obama Administration.

01:06 AM Oct 2, 2012 | 78  4411- Sec. Clinton personally pressures Japan leader to keep nuclear power as President Obama wishes it September 25, 2012 Nikkei report translated by EXSKF: It has been revealed that the United States government was strongly urging [the Japanese government] to reconsider its policy of “zero nukes in 2030s” which was part of the energy and environmental strategy of the Noda administration, as “President Obama wishes it”…

According to the multiple government sources, as the Noda administration was moving in August toward explicitly putting down “zero nuke” in the official document, the U.S. strongly requested that Japan reconsider the “zero nuke” policy, saying the request was “the result of discussion at the highest level of the government”, indicating it was the Obama administration’s consensus, from the president on down.

On September 8, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda met with the U.S. Secretary of State Clinton during the APEC meeting in Vladivostok in Russia. Here again, representing the US president, Secretary Clinton expressed concern. While avoiding the overt criticism of the Noda administration’s policy, she further pressured Japan by stressing that it was President Obama and the U.S. Congress who were concerned…

(According to Former Deputy Energy Secretary Martin,) the U.S. government thinks that “The U.S. energy strategy would be more likely to suffer a direct damage” because of the Japan’s policy change toward zero nuclear energy.

 03:51 PM Jun 29, 2012 | 47  -3680- U.S. Nuclear Expert: I’ve been told by people in State Dept. U.S. gov’t said to downplay health effects of radiation after Fukushima - we’ve really gone out of our way not to measure (AUDIO)

 Sep 25, 2012 Nikkei report translated by EXSKF: United States government was strongly urging the Japanese government to reconsider its policy of zero nukes in 2030s part of the energy and environmental strategy of the Noda administration, as President Obama wishes it.

A rotten scientific community - or - publicizing fake news to silence real science

They say Fukushima fallout is no more dangerous than eating bananas, potato chips, taking a walk on a sunny day, sitting next to someone or having a chest x-ray -- and for that, failing to make the distinction between external radiation and ingested radionuclides, nuclear energy perpetrators should be brought to trial, found guilty then imprisoned for genocide and ecocide. [8/31/16 - under construction - work in progress - to be continued]