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12:29 AM Aug 15, 2014 | 356  index: horse; May 6, 2015; skin - Horses - skin falls off 1/3rd of body, covered in painful lesions, eyes swollen shut, liver damage, fainting


-8368- TV: Mystery illness hits California horses - nobody will even tell us what it is -skin falls off, covered in painful lesions, eyes swollen shut, liver damage, fainting - Expert: Never seen anything like it in 40-year career (PHOTOS -[i] [ii] & VIDEOS) - also, note similar condition of losing skin in marine mammals, here [iii]

-8368.1- also see: Biologist finds pink salmon that are canary yellow on Canada’s Pacific coast - Insides also yellow: Heart parts, gill arches, spines, cartilage in head - Spleens swollen, livers spotted, some with bugged-out eyes (PHOTOS) Oct 17, 2013

-8368.2- also see: Sickened Alaska animals getting more tests for Fukushima radionuclides - Oozing sores, bleeding, swollen internal organs, hair loss (PHOTOS) Mar 14, 2013

-8368.3- also see: U.S. university testing animals in Pacific for Fukushima radiation - Photos show bodies riddled with tumors, eyes bleeding, covered in lesions - Some are missing testicles, eyeballs - Skin disintegrating, peeling off, turning yellow - Mammals affected by diseases never seen in species (PHOTOS) May 6, 2015

-8368.4- also see: Eye swelling a symptom of thyroid disorder - children’s eyes become swollen after being in radiation-contaminated sandboxes, (VIDEO) Oct 31, 2011

-8368.5- also see: ‘Marine Mystery’ in California: Toxic outbreak threatening marine life - Birds falling from sky, sea lions convulsing - Worst they’ve ever seen - Toxin hits record level, almost 1,000% above gov’t limit - Heart lesions, severe shrinking in part of brain, nervous system failure (VIDEO) May 3, 2014